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About our company

At Chembur, our endeavor is to protect people from harmful germs. Germs can also be fatal and thus we work relentlessly to provide families with all round support every day, keeping them healthy and safe.

With our nation juggling a global pandemic it has been a natural discourse for us to include products that not only keep us and our surroundings clean, but also disinfect all the things that come in contact with us on a daily basis. Thus, whether you are using our products for personal hygiene, for washing your utensils or cleaning your surroundings, you can be sure that you are disinfecting while cleaning.

While our experts have designed a number of “For Germ Free Hygiene” products that will protect you like a shield, they have also incorporated the aspect of care to ensure that our protection also nurtures.
Our personal hygiene range of Handwashes and Facewashes have been scientifically designed to sanitize and cleanse your skin from germs and provide you with gentle protection.  

Thank you for joining us in this journey of a healthy and safe life!

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